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Function of WiFi antenna

August 26, 2020

WiFi antennas play a huge role in society. The workplace of a company is a busy and often changing environment. As employees move, Wi-Fi signals may be blocked by obstacles. In addition, the WiFi signal may be disturbed by other nearby WiFi network signals or employees' Bluetooth devices, while tablets, laptops, smartphones, and other WiFi devices actively connect after entering the WiFi network range (even if these devices do not require real (Using Wi-Fi networks), will also affect the functional experience of the entire network.


The result of all this disturbance is that the Wi-Fi network has severe packet loss, which makes it necessary for wireless devices to resend data, which in turn leads to further network congestion. Since the Wi-Fi antenna function of many mobile devices is not strong, a lower data transmission rate is often selected to maintain connection with the access point in an attempt to minimize packet loss.


The bigger the bandwidth, the more problems.Because the network function is not good, it is not caused by the lack of bandwidth, so blindly increasing the network bandwidth cannot improve the unsafe situation of Wi-Fi network function experience. Adding access points will also make the situation worse, as more access points will create more resistance and confuse the wireless terminal device, not knowing which access point to connect with.


One of the solutions is to use smart Wi-Fi device access points together with network hardware devices supported by special software or network devices optimized for busy network environments. For example, Aruba Networks' software-based Adaptive Radioanagement technology can actively allocate signal channels and signal power to all access points in the entire network environment, and actively perform load balancing operations in busy areas to avoid partial network paralysis due to overload of a certain signal channel.

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